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British Citizenship

Becoming a British citizen is not an easy or straightforward process, and before commencing an application or indeed the process of becoming a citizen, careful preparation and expert legal advice is necessary.

This is where FisherWright Solicitors can help, with our considerable experience of helping individuals with the process.

Under the law, there are essentially three ways to become a British citizen. In simple terms, these are to be born a British citizen, to register as one, or to be naturalised as one.

Becoming a British citizen differs from indefinite leave to remain (ILR) in that it is not affected by absences from the United Kingdom; that is to say that a citizen can come and go as they choose. Many people with ILR, and also EU nationals, who remain in the United Kingdom, choose to apply for British citizenship.

There are limited circumstances in which none of the above are necessary, such as if a child is adopted by British parents, in which case citizenship is automatic.

British nationality law is extremely complex, mainly due to the history and relationships of the United Kingdom with other countries in the world, and it is important, if you are planning to apply to become a citizen, to have expert legal advice.

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In order to discuss your individual circumstances, and to establish whether you may be eligible to become a British citizen, FisherWright Solicitors is here to help you. We can examine your case and subsequently advise you as to your eligibility.

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