We provide services in the following categories:

  • Drafting Claim forms and Defences
  • Assisting with the dispute resolution
  • Representing throughout the Court proceedings in litigation matters

How much does this service cost?

Our hourly rates are as follows:
Principal Solicitor /Senior Solicitor £250.00 per hour plus VAT
Solicitor £200.00 per hour plus VAT

The exact number of hours it will take depends on the circumstances in your case. Such as:

  • The amount of supporting evidence that we need to consider
  • The complexity of your matter

It is possible to agree a fee with a client following a consultation with a solicitor.

Initial consultation 15min – Free

1-hours initial consultation - £100 plus VAT


Our professional team conducting the work

Indira Fernando – Senior Solicitor

Indira is a senior solicitor in our firm and the head of our commercial team with over 25 years' of experience in private client work, specialising in commercial, landlord and tenant and litigation matters.