Planning for your future is important. Taking simple steps now can ensure that your loved ones are provided for after you are gone. You can ensure not only that your wishes are respected, but that you leave more behind by taking steps to reduce your tax liability.

Planning for the future with FisherWright

Writing a will is simple, straightforward and brings us peace of mind – yet surprisingly few people put in place a valid will.

A will is a document which lays out the final wishes of a deceased person. It sets out who is to inherit what (subject to the law of succession). For a will to be valid it must be written by a person over 12 years of age, it must be witnessed and signed by the witnesses on each page, and it must be written down. If even one of these criteria is not met, your will may not be regarded as valid – this may mean your loved ones will not inherit in the way you intend.

You can alter a will as often as you like. Additions to a will are known as ‘codicils’. These allow you to add to the will without having to draft a new one from scratch. Codicils are often used to, for instance, include a family member who was not born at the time the original will was drafted.

If you die without a will, you are said to die ‘intestate’. The law lays down rules on how your estate is to be divided in such an instance. This will rarely be in accordance with your wishes. If you would like to discuss writing a will, contact our solicitors today.

Estates and Probate

The death of a loved one is a hard enough time without having to deal with the formalities of bringing their estate to an end. Fisher Wright’s expert probate solicitors have the expertise to guide you through this difficult time.

The first step is to apply for probate. This application is made at the court local to the area in which the deceased last lived. Without probate, the executor does not have the authority to wind up the estate. Probate is necessary to liquidate assets, to close bank accounts, to settle bills and to take the steps necessary to bring the deceased’s affairs to an end.

This can be a daunting process, and as such you should seek legal advice. Taking the right advice from experienced probate solicitors can make the entire process of winding up an estate so much quicker and easier.

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